Now D-Mannose Powder (85g)

D-Mannose Pure Powder cleanses the urinary tract system helping to both treat and prevent urine infections including cystitis. If used daily it will keep your urinary tract healthy.

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Treat painful UTI’s fast by mixing 1 teaspoon of D-mannose powder into water, unsweetened juice or herbal tea once or twice a day. Continue taking daily to prevent future outbreaks occurring including an extra dose before activities known to cause infections.

D-Mannose helps to keep your urinary tract healthy, it is a natural sugar which works by quickly entering your urinary tract, here it removes and stops infection causing bacteria from sticking to the bladder walls. This product contains 100% D-mannose powder, it does not contain any of the following allergens: milk,  yeast, wheat, soy, gluten, fish, shellfish, nuts or  egg, however it is produced in a factory where these ingredients are used.

1 review for Now D-Mannose Powder (85g)

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    My wife struggled for years with water infections, we tried a lot of different medicines and remedies. Then we found D-Mannose, this really is the answer. Generally it clears problems within a couple of days, then it’s best to keep taking daily to keep further infections away.

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