HealthAid CystiCare Healthy Urinary Tablets

Cysticare tablets can help you fight against the symptoms of water infections including cystitis. If taken regularly Cysticare tablets will keep your urinary tract healthy making it less likely to become infected.

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Product Description

To help keep your urinary tract healthy take 1 tablet a day with food. You may increase the dosage to 2 tablets if required.

These herbal tablets include several bacteria fighting ingredients to support your urinary tract health. The 40mgs of cranberry extract provides relief by preventing the bacteria from sticking to the walls of your bladder. The 200mg of Parsley Leaf Extract is anti fungal, it cleans your kidneys and urinary tract system plus it is a diuretic so will flush the bacteria through your system fast. They contain a 160mg of vitamin C, this fights of infections by supporting the immune system. The 300mg of potassium works by making your urine less acidic and halting bacterial growth. They also contain 200mg of Juniper berry Extract, this is a diuretic but it also has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and is sometimes used alone as an alternative to antibiotics. All these health supplements work together to provide many benefits in 1 tablet.

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