How I discovered D-Mannose and how it helped me

How I discovered D-Mannose

How I discovered D-Mannose and how it helped me

I first got a water infection when I was 14, I was in agony with the pain and overall discomfort of feeling like I constantly needed to urinate but not being able to. My mum (who never really suffered with urine infections) took me to the Dr and he told me I had cystitis and prescribed me Sodium Citrate granules. I drank the granules as prescribed, the infection went away and everything was back to normal. A few months later it happened again but instead of visiting the Dr I went directly to the pharmacy and purchased the granules straight off the shelf. This then became a regular occurrence every few months until for some reason the granules stopped working. I then moved on to drinking huge quantities of cranberry juice every time an infection occurred.

Fast forward 20 years and im still getting them, in fact they seem to have got worse as ive got older. I don’t know why I am prone to UTIs, I’ve had my kidneys looked at but apart from one not fully draining when I urinate they seem to be fine. I try to follow the recommendations to prevent infections like refraining from wearing tight-fitting clothes and going to the toilet after sex but they always come back. Usually just before bed when the pharmacy is closed, my poor husband will rush out to the garage or supermarket and return with lots of cranberry juice and anything else that could help that can be bought off of the shelf.  Sometimes they would clear up quickly, other times I’d be uncomfortable for days. I would have to take time off of work when they got really bad because sitting at your desk crying in pain and frequently visiting the toilet isn’t really the done thing in a busy office. About 3 times a year I will get a really nasty infection and after 3 days of trying to clear it up myself I will end up at the Dr’s begging for antibiotics. Of course the antibiotics are not the end of it as ive learnt that once the infection clears I’ll end up with thrush as a side effect and have to clear that up too.

It was after one of these particularly bad infections that my husband first mentioned D-mannose to me, he had been searching the internet for cures and had come across this product. It had lots of reviews from people whose story sounded very familiar so I decided to give it a try. That night we ordered a tub of D-mannose powder and once it arrived it sat on our shelf ready for my next flare up. Before the pain of a UTI starts I can usually tell when an infection is coming. Something will just feel off in my bladder, it’s probably because I’m so used to them now. Anyway I could feel one was coming and I decided it was time to try the D-mannose that had been sitting waiting to be opened. I put a spoonful into a warm glass of water and went off to bed, the next day I got up and had another spoonful, and then every morning thereafter. The infection never fully came out, in fact it didn’t get worse than the feeling that it was coming. After a week my bladder felt good, I continued to take it and followed the instructions making sure to also having a spoonful after any activities that I knew were a trigger for me. However I’ve got to admit that once the tub was empty I forgot to order a new one. I had started to use it less often and still hadn’t had a new infection, I guess I had got a bit complacent. A month or so passed and late one Friday evening my cystitis returned.

I learnt my lesson and I now use D-Mannose everyday without fail. If I do feel something is off I make sure to up my dosage of it but fingers crossed I have not had a water infection for about 6 months which is a record for me. A friend who also suffers with regular UTI’s has just started using it too on my recommendation. Shes taken so many antibiotics that they have stopped working for her so I’m hoping D-Mannose helps her just as much as its helped me. She says it cleared up the infection she had when she first started taking it so it appears so far so good. I would definitely recommend trying D-Mannose to anyone who suffers with cystitis or any other Urinary Tract Infections, so far it has really made a big difference in my life which I am hoping will continue.

There are many different D-Mannose products available but this is the one I use: D-Mannose

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