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UTI Store | Symptoms, Treatments & Medicine for Urinary Tract Infections

The UTI Store specialises in treatments and medicines for urinary tract infections, our carefully selected products will help cure and prevent water infections, bladder infections and cystitis. We have information about common symptoms so you can self diagnose, and we’ve put together the biggest list of home remedies on the internet. The team behind UTI Store are long term sufferers of urinary tract infections, we’ve used our years of unfortunate experience to put together this website. We encourage our readers to leave feedback on products and make suggestions for home remedies so that we can build a thriving community of people all looking to achieve a healthy urinary tract. None of the information on this website has been provided by medical experts, it’s purely by normal people who are living with reoccurring UTIs. This is not a replacement for professional medical advice, you should always consult your doctor if your symptoms are serious.

50% of all women will experience a UTI in their lifetime and 10% will have one within any given year. Around 150 million people will experience a urinary tract infection each year, although more common in women some men do get them too. It’s the most common bacterial infection, usually it’s treated with a short course of antibiotics but many people find natural remedies can be just as effective.

Urinary tract infections are not sexual transmitted (STIs), it’s usually caused by bacteria or fungi entering via the urethra. This can happen during sex or while wiping your bottom, it can also be caused by kidney stones blocking your urinary tract. UTIs are often very painful and certainly uncomfortable, with the right treatment they usually pass within a few days.

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What can I do if I’m waiting for a doctors appointment?

If your doctors is anything like ours then you’ve probably got a week or two wait for an appointment, a UTI can be very painful but often the doctors surgery doesn’t consider them to be an emergency. The first thing you can do is self diagnose with one of the available kits, it’s a really simple urine test that only takes a few minutes. From this you should be able to confirm that you do indeed have a urinary tract infection, now you can try some home remedies and hopefully work out which ones give you the best results. Many people suffer with recurring infections, so making sure you have your tried and tested home remedies available to you is often the best way to catch the infection early if you start feeling some of the symptoms coming on. You can also try some natural health products that are marketed for people suffering with a UTI. In our experience the most effective product is D-Mannose powder or tablets, which is a glucose related type of sugar.

Do you want to contribute to our website?

We are looking for people who would like to contribute to our website, you can do this by sharing your UTI experiences. The idea is that if people share their experiences we can build a bigger and better resource that everyone can learn from. You will be helping the community but at the same time hopefully getting some valuable advice and support yourself. We are also interested to talk to anyone with other ideas for blog posts or general resources. For more information please email: info@utistore.com

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